Install ClouFON App

Download FREE ClouFON application from iTunes or directly from AppStore on your iPhone, iPad oder iPod.

Look for "App Store"

and open it.

Wait for "App Store"

application to load and click on the search icon (magnifying glass) on the bottom right.

Type in "ClouFON"

(This requires an active internet connection).

Click on the "Cloud" or "Install"

Button to download ClouFON.

After a few minutes

the progress bar will disappear and the application will be ready for use.

Open the Application

if you open the application the first time, click on "Accounts".

Click on "Edit"

in the right top corner.

Add SIP Account

Click "Add One SIP Account Only".

Enter Account Details

Fill in username and password and click on "Save".

Enable Account

Enable the account.

App is Ready to Use

The ClouFON application is ready to use when it`s "Registered".